ONLINE EVENT November 5-7, 2021 | Complete Digital Download for ALL Attendees

Welcome to the Official Witches' Sabbat!

November 5-7, 2021

In partnership with Owlkeyme Arts and Modern Witch University, Modern Witch™ presents the Official Witches’ Sabbat!


The Official Witches Sabbat is an assembly of contemporary witches and occultists that features a wide range of workshops, rituals, traditions, and artistry. Each gathering sources the best teachers, presenters, and content creators to provide attendees with a thoroughly modern experience that caters to their growing interest in the fields of witchcraft, occultism, psychic development, the paranormal, and the mystical.


The theme for the second Official Witches’ Sabbat (11/5-11/7/2021) is Creativity.

Featured 2021 Presenters

Live and recorded versions of featured content available from these educators!

Madame Pamita
Featured Presenter
Tara-Love Maguire
Featured Presenter
Maxine Miller
Featured Presenter
Jesse Hathaway Diaz
Featured Presenter
Bronx Witch
Featured Presenter
Christopher Orapello
Featured Presenter

Your hosts for the weekend...

In addition to hosting the Official Witches' Sabbat, these fine folks will also be presenting

Organizer/ Featured Presenter
Featured Presenter
Devin Hunter
Organizer/Featured Presenter
Storm Faerywolf
Featured Presenter


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That’s right! 8 additional classes from our featured presenters! Enjoy short and poignant workshops from each of our featured presenters that will help you take your magic to the next level!

Downloadable Content from Guest Presenters

In addition to our featured presenters, hear from some of the newest voices in occultism.

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Nov 2021 | Creativity

Live access to the second annual Witchies!

An awards ceremony celebrating the best in media and content creation. Only attendees of the Official Witches’ Sabbat will have access to this live event. Everyone else has to wait until the following day.

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November 2021 Schedule

Friday Nov 5




Hail and Welcome!
w/ Hosts (20 min)


Join your hosts Laura Tempest Zakroff, Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, and Mat Auryn for an introduction to this year’s festivities. Learn all about the new features to this year’s event and get to know more about why we are coming together


9:20PM EST/6:20PM PST 


Trance Journey to The Witches’ Sabbat

w/ Storm Faerywolf (40 min)


By cloak of night, we conjure! Join us as Storm Faerywolf leads a trance journey to the Witches’ Sabbat: that astral convocation of Witches between the worlds. Here, we will tune in to our deep power and celebrate what it means to be a Witch.


10PM EST/7:00PM PST 


Mad, Dead, or Poet – Creativity and the Witch Power Panel

w/ TBA (1 hr)


In some traditions of the craft the term “Mad, Dead, or Poet” is used to describe what happens to someone when they have touched and empowered that preternatural sense that we call the Witch Power. Join Devin Hunter and others for a candid discussion about the connection between creativity and the witches’ path. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions!


12:00AM EST/ 9:00 PM 


ESP Games!

w/ Devin and Kyle (1 hr)


Join Devin Hunter and friends for an exciting hour of ESP games from the comfort of your own home! We all have psychic abilities, it comes with being a child of the night, but when was the last time you got to have fun and put those abilities to the test? Working with some of the protocols from the US Government’s infamous “Project Star Gate” we will explore the limits of telepathy, astral projection, remote viewing, and more! Can you beat the average of 14.5% accuracy? There are no losers, only weirdos doing what we do best!




Saturday Nov 6



Artist Breakfast

w/Tempest and Friends!


Meet the artists featured during this year’s event and learn about their process.



Evoking Air: Making Incense for Ancestral Connection

w/ The Bronx Witch (90 min)


In this workshop I will be demonstrating how to make your own incense (specifically incense cones) for the purpose of connecting with your ancestors. I will cover the necessary ingredients and process for making incense generally while making a batch live. And I will focus on using herbs and ingredients that are particularly good for encouraging ancestral connection and communication. I will cover those herbs and ingredients in detail. I will als share my personal recipe as well as discuss the ways in which that recipe can, and should, be tailored to relate to the ancestors of the workshop attendees. 


This workshop is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


*Aly Kravetz, AKA BronxWitch, is an eclectic, solitary Wiccan, tarot reader, Reiki practitioner and owner of the BronxWitch Bodega- an online shop for magick and medicine. An early rebel from the christian church, Aly has been on her spiritual journey since she was 12 years old. Aly is new to the online community of witches and has a growing Instagram page and YouTube channel where she posts tarot videos, info about working with herbs, and glimpses into her life as a modern, urban witch. Aly lives in the Bronx, New York with her husband Joe and her cat Eartha Kitty. 



Creating Spirit Houses

w/ Tara-Love Maguire (90 min)


Spirits are all around us, why not construct a special place for the ones you’re closest with? Spirit houses of many types are found across the world- making and dedicating one for the particular spirits you have relationships with can be as easy or complicated as you wish it to be, as elaborate or simple as your heart leads you. Learn the basics of how and why to make a house, what forms it can possibly take, and how to get out from under your own creative blocks when working with your spirits. 


This workshop is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


*Tara-Love Maguire has been a practicing witch for over 30 years, on a path crookedly influenced by Isobel Gowdie, Marie Laveau, and William S. Burroughs. Growing up as a weird kid in and around the New Jersey Pine Barrens, she found witchcraft within the tales and shadows that dwell there. She co-hosts the podcast, Down at the Crossroads, with her sweetheart, Christopher Orapello, and together they founded Blacktree Coven- a traditional witchcraft coven that exists in the heart of southern New Jersey. Her first book- Besom, Stang, and Sword- co-written with Chris, is now available wherever books are sold from Red Wheel/Weiser Books.




Candle Wax Divination Secrets

w/ Madame Pamita (90 min)


 Do you burn candles for spells? If you’re not reading the wax remains of your spells, you’re missing a divination opportunity! Reading candle spell remains can show you how your spell did, what to expect, and what to magically work on next, but how do you do it? Come join me in this fun and interactive workshop where you’ll learn the art of candle wax reading and practice your skills as a newly minted candle wax reader. People of all spiritual paths and levels are welcome, but having a basic understanding of magical principles will be helpful.


This workshop is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


*Madame Pamita is a Teacher, Author, Candle Maker, Spellcaster, Tarot Reader, and a Maker of Magic, Music, and Mischief.  She is the author of The Book of Candle Magic, Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot, and Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft (2022). She is also the proprietress of the online spiritual apothecary, the Parlour of Wonders and lives in Santa Monica, California. 



Occult Inspiration
w/ Mat Auryn


What exactly is inspiration? Where does it come from? How come some people seem more creative and inspired than others? How do you tap into it? How do you overcome creative blocks? In this presentation, we will explore the folklore, myths, and beliefs of what inspiration is throughout various pagan religions, witchcraft, and occult traditions. We will explore where it comes from, the spirits and deities that govern it, and how to tap into it to fuel your own creative endeavors. 


This workshop is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


Mat Auryn is a witch, professional psychic, and occult teacher. He is the multi-award-winning author of the international bestselling book, ‘Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide To Meditation, Magick, and Manifestation‘. He is a High Priest in the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft. As a psychic witch, Mat has had the honor and privilege of studying under some of the most prominent witchcraft teachers, elders, and witchcraft traditions. He runs the blog For Puck’s Sake on Patheos Pagan, is a content creator for Modern Witch, has a column in Witches & Pagans Magazine entitled ‘Extra-Sensory Witchcraft’, and a column in Horns Magazine. He has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Oprah Daily, Refinery29 and many other magazines, radio shows, podcasts, books, anthologies, and other periodicals.




The 2021 Witchies!

Hosted by Devin Hunter and Laura Tempest Zakroff (60 min)


Join us as we celebrate excellence in occult and witchcraft publishing and content creation!



Creating a Craft that is Yours Panel

w/ TBA (60 min)


Many of us walk a solitary path and keeping ourselves inspired and engaged after we have become more experienced is a struggle many witches face in their personal craft. In this panel discussion, join host Devin Hunter and friends for a candid discussion on creating a personal practice that fits your needs and helps your grow. 



Classic Horror Movie Screening and Roast

w/ Hunter Van Ghoul


Are you still up? Want to roast old Hollywood horror with a bunch of witches? Join Devin’s alter-ego Hunter Van Ghoul for a black and white antique that is sure to loaded with all the things today’s audiences are dying to make fun of! 



Sunday Nov 7




Sculpting in Spirits

w/ Christ Orapello


The art of sculpting in spirit is about bringing form to the formless and conceiving the inconceivable so that they show themselves to you and others through the creation of sculpture. It’s about transcending and stepping beyond one’s own preconceptions and becoming a conduit for that which desires to come forth and be seen. As a basis for our discussion, we will be exploring the artist’s experiences in the formation of the Witch Lord and Witch Queen statues and how you can incorporate sculpting into your witchcraft and spiritual practices. This is an all skill-levels (artistically & witchy) workshop designed to touch upon this unique spiritual dialogue of being an artist and conduit for manifesting spirit through the means of sculpture.


This workshop is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


*Christopher Orapello is an artist, witch, and animist with a background in western occultism, ceremonial magick, Freemasonry and has been on his journey for nearly 30 years. He co-hosts the podcast Down at the Crossroads with his partner, Tara-Love Maguire, is an author with Red Wheel / Weiser Books, a signature artist with Sacred Source (a leading producer and distributor of ancient deity images in North America) and the sculptor of the popular Witch Lord and Witch Queen statues available through Sacred Source. After a growing desire for a more locally-based form of witchcraft, he and Tara-Love Maguire founded Blacktree coven in 2014, where they set out to forge a modern approach to Traditional Witchcraft for a new era of praxis. His first book- Besom, Stang, and Sword- co-written with Tara, is currently available from Red Wheel/Weiser Books wherever books are sold





Mapping the Sacred Landscape of the Witch

w/ Jesse Hathaway Diaz


There is a balance that must be sought between the colonizing imposition of foreign spirits upon the soil, bringing foreign metrics and flavors, and the complete cooption or misappropriation of spirit and land not our own. Beyond renaming and erasing the previous Land, how can we observe it and walk WITH it, not just ON it? The Sabbat is not in a mythical place, it is a place we know, a nearby mountain, a nearby meadow, a nearby cave… The deities of rivers far away might be approached through local rivers, merging with local spirits who may share in the relationship… The local crossroads devil might be different than the one three blocks away… If we are to empower our craft as more than mental exercise, then we must find the local points of power and build relationships to them, be in relationship to them- for no witch can be in lasting disharmony with their land, of which the house is the Temple, and the body the fulcrum. This workshop is to collocate our body within the House and Field of our individual locale. With cross-traditional examples and poetic permutations, the witch is encouraged to find their North, to fly to the Sabbath where the local witches gather, to commit Heresy and other acts of power embodied within the Land upon which they walk.  This land will save me, this land will kill me, both are true even when I am not. 


This workshop is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


*Jesse Hathaway Diaz is a folklorist, artist, performer and independent scholar with a Masters in Performance Studies from NYU. With initiations in several forms of witchcraft from Europe and the Americas, he is also a lifelong student of Mexican curanderismo, an initiated priest in the Lucumí Orisha tradition, and a Tatá Quimbanda. He co-hosts an occult themed podcast called ‘Radio Free Golgotha’, and edits the ‘Folk Necromancy in Transmission’ imprint through Revelore Press. For the better part of two decades, he has been involved with Theatre Group Dzieci, a New York based experimental theatre ensemble which explores theatre and ritual as a way, blending service with self-exploration and performance. Dividing his time between the Bronx and a farm in the Hudson Valley, his artistic and written work navigate the world-as-magic through exploring orality and transmission, decolonialism, ritual theory and praxis, herbalism and healing modalities through private study, apprenticeship, and community involvement.




Keynote | Inspiration and Intention : Pens, Pencils, and Magick

w/ Maxine Miller


Through sharing some of my own artistic process, we’ll talk about how to find inspiration and how to then take that inspiration through to creating something tangible. What are the building blocks of making something go from a little thought in your head to an actual, meaningful work of art? Many of the same components needed to pull off a successful bit of magick apply equally to the creation of an artistic work. 


This keynote is 60 min and will be followed immediately by a live Q&A.


*Maxine Miller is a celebrated artist whose work centers around the Celtic and Witchcraft traditions. She started her career in post-punk Los Angeles in an opposite vein, illustrating greeting cards and working for the entertainment industry. She illustrated props and costumes for everything from “Angel” to Batman movies, and worked for the music industry doing album covers and tour merchandise for acts as diverse as LA Guns and Madonna. Seeking more personally meaningful work, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she could be inspired by the changing seasons and the natural beauty of the landscape. There she found her inner artistic voice and began to work with subjects more dear to her heart. Maxine works primarily with pen and ink and watercolor. She has her own company that produces a wide variety of artistic goods, including art prints, t-shirts, statuary, and sterling silver jewelry. 




Trance Journey Home

w/Storm Faerywolf (30 min)


By light of day, we conjure! Join us as Storm Faerywolf leads a trance journey home from Witches’ Sabbat.



5:30 PM EST/2:30POM PST


Hail and Farewell!



Join your hosts Laura Tempest Zakroff, Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, and Mat Auryn as we wrap up this year’s festivities. 

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The Witches' Sabbat

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“Somewhere in time, lost in the fog of memory and myth, lies a realm where witches dance with ghosts and spirits of all kinds… Here our most sacred rites, rites that bind us as witch-kin across tradition and lineage are performed. Here we surrender to Quintessence as ink surrenders unto water, merging life force and essence, losing separateness and dissolving into oneness with the Witch Power and those who serve as its agents.”


– Devin Hunter, The Witch’s Book of Mysteries

Organized and Curated

by Devin Hunter, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Mat Auryn, & Storm Faerywolf

Devoted to cultivating modern approaches to an ancient art, bestselling witchcraft and occult authors Devin Hunter and Laura Tempest Zakroff are the organizers of the Official Witches’ Sabbat.


Inclusivity Statement: All are welcome here at the Official Witches’ Sabbat regardless of their age, gender, tradition, experience level, sexuality, etc. We cultivate an environment where all attendees can be rest assured that their safety, comfort, and engagement matter to us more than any other factor.


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