ONLINE EVENT November 5-7, 2021 | Complete Digital Download for ALL Attendees

Welcome to the Official Witches' Sabbat!

November 5-7, 2021

In partnership with Owlkeyme Arts and Modern Witch University, Modern Witch™ presents the Official Witches’ Sabbat!


The Official Witches Sabbat is an assembly of contemporary witches and occultists that features a wide range of workshops, rituals, traditions, and artistry. Each gathering sources the best teachers, presenters, and content creators to provide attendees with a thoroughly modern experience that caters to their growing interest in the fields of witchcraft, occultism, psychic development, the paranormal, and the mystical.


The theme for the second Official Witches’ Sabbat (11/5-11/7/2021) is Creativity.

Featured 2021 Presenters

Live and recorded versions of featured content available from these educators!

Madame Pamita
Featured Presenter
Tara-Love Maguire
Featured Presenter
Maxine Miller
Featured Presenter
Jesse Hathaway Diaz
Featured Presenter
Alysha Michelle Kravetz
Featured Presenter
Christopher Orapello
Featured Presenter

Your hosts for the weekend...

In addition to hosting the Official Witches' Sabbat, these fine folks will also be presenting

Organizer/ Featured Presenter
Featured Presenter
Devin Hunter
Organizer/Featured Presenter
Storm Faerywolf
Featured Presenter


See what comes with your investment

Attendees can expect a weekend full of magic, celebration, and education as we explore witchcraft and the occult through the eyes of some of the most talented practitioners of our era.

There are no day passes or single workshop sales.

There is one ticket to rule them all.

Tickets are all-inclusive and come with a myriad of perks…

Access to 8 Live Workshops

Can’t make all of them? No worries, we have you covered! Each workshop will be recorded on YouTube and you’ll have exclusive access to each so you won’t miss a thing!

Additional Downloadable Content From Each Presenter

That’s right! 8 additional classes from our featured presenters! Enjoy short and poignant workshops from each of our featured presenters that will help you take your magic to the next level!

Downloadable Content from Guest Presenters

In addition to our featured presenters, hear from some of the newest voices in occultism.

Exclusive Official Witches' Sabbat Digital Grimoire

Your program for this convention is not just your guide, it is a grimoire of where all of the content, bonus content, and schedule can be found.

Nov 2021 | Creativity

Live access to the first annual Witchies!

An awards ceremony celebrating the best in media and content creation. Only attendees of the Official Witches’ Sabbat will have access to this live event. Everyone else has to wait until the following day.

Attendee only Discord Server

Exclusive access to the Official Witches’ Sabbat Digital Green Room! Hang out with other attendees and discuss things in real time! Stay connected with your new friends, and keep the magic going no matter where you are.


Enjoy the live events from anywhere using your mobile device or tablet or watch on your computer or television! With livestream access you can participate from the comfort of any device!

Access to limited-edition merch

Having a great time? Attendees get access to exclusive merchandise like kits, t-shirts, and more to help make the experience last even longer!

November 2021 Schedule | Available 10/1/21

2021 sponsors

The Witches' Sabbat

a shared part of our witchcraft heritage

“Somewhere in time, lost in the fog of memory and myth, lies a realm where witches dance with ghosts and spirits of all kinds… Here our most sacred rites, rites that bind us as witch-kin across tradition and lineage are performed. Here we surrender to Quintessence as ink surrenders unto water, merging life force and essence, losing separateness and dissolving into oneness with the Witch Power and those who serve as its agents.”


– Devin Hunter, The Witch’s Book of Mysteries

Organized and Curated

by Devin Hunter, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Mat Auryn, & Storm Faerywolf

Devoted to cultivating modern approaches to an ancient art, bestselling witchcraft and occult authors Devin Hunter and Laura Tempest Zakroff are the organizers of the Official Witches’ Sabbat.


Inclusivity Statement: All are welcome here at the Official Witches’ Sabbat regardless of their age, gender, tradition, experience level, sexuality, etc. We cultivate an environment where all attendees can be rest assured that their safety, comfort, and engagement matter to us more than any other factor.


Act now and get access to Early-bird prices and merchandise pre-orders!

Available until Oct. 1, 2021
Early Bird
$ 100
Early bird tickets are only available through the end of September. Each ticket comes with


Access to Live Events including all classes, rituals, and the Witchies!


EARLY Access to our Exclusive Discord Server (Get in one week earlier than Regular Ticket holders!)


All downloadable content, including workshops, digital grimoire, and additional class materials.

(Available October 1-31)
Regular Ticket
$ 125
Each ticket comes with


Access to Live Events including all classes, rituals, and the Witchies!


Access to our Exclusive Discord Server (Get Access Nov 5/2020)


All downloadable content, including workshops, digital grimoire, and additional class materials.

(Apply for one of our limited scholarships)
We understand that not everyone has the means to attend an event like this, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you with us! We have a limited number of scholarships available and will be offering them to individuals who complete our questionnaire and write a short article on how witchcraft and the occult have changed their lives. We want to support growing witches as they continue to grow!

All scholarships are sponsored by one of our presenters, partners, or by an outstanding citizen.


Article requirements


Needs to be at least 500 words long and no longer than 2000 words.


Demonstrates the positive impact that studying witchcraft and/or occultism has had on their lives.


Must be 18 or older to submit.


Must be willing to have their article appear in the digital grimoire.


Submissions accepted until October 15, 2020.


Your creative process

Live Classes & Workings
Over three days of deep magic

Enjoy live access to some of the most unique and in-depth classes, rituals, and discussions.

The Witchies!
The only awards ceremony for the witchcraft and occult community.

Celebrate the best in books, podcasts, blogs, and videos with the first annual Witchies! Only attendees get to watch LIVE. No black tie required.

Go ahead, it is OK to ask your question.

Stick around after each live event for a moderated 30 min question and answer session with the presenter!

Community Experience
Thanks to Discord, the fun never stops.

Our exclusive discord server will be open for attendees throughout the duration of the event. Chat, network, talk to some of the presenters live!

Available OCT 1

A full schedule of live events will be posted on OCT 1. Feel free to check back then, or join our mailing list to get updates!

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Nominate until Sept 30, 2021

For two weeks nominations will be open for the 2021 Witchies! Be sure to come back to support your favorite authors, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, and content creators starting October 1!

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